From time to time, I will be asking the question ‘Who covered it better?’ on NMTB – not so much to pit two artists or bands against one another, but more to present different takes on the same song in a single post.

First up, it’s that old Elvis Presley classic, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love‘. 1961. Off the ‘Blue Hawaii‘ record. Surprisingly not one of his no.1 hits, at least not in the US, where it peaked at no.2 in the Billboard charts. It was, however, a no.1 hit in the UK.

Here we have an acoustic cover by singer-songwriter Kina Grannis (lots more of her to come on NMTB in the future) from 2017. A similar version was performed by Kina for and in the 2018 box office hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians‘. There is also a beautiful piano version of the song by Kina, which you can listen to here.

And then there is the cover by Twenty One Pilots, or TOP’s Tyler Joseph, on ukulele. This one is from 2012, so pre-mainstream breakthrough.

Since the question ‘Who covered it better?’ is basically meant as a rhetorical question here and mainly an excuse to post more than one video at a time, there is no way to comment on this here, no Twitter poll or anything of the like. There is, however, plenty of room and time for you to enjoy two wonderful renditions of a much-covered song, plenty of room for you to decide for yourself which one you like better or for you to enjoy them the same.

For more Kina Grannis go here, and for more Twenty One Pilots here.