Power pop sensation Weezer is having a real revival these days – not that they were ever gone for long anyway. Twelve studio albums since 1994, four Grammy nominations between 2006 and 2019, etc. The Rivers Cuomo band has kept busy for sure.

But their cover of Toto’s cult hit ‘Africa‘ and the subsequent video with Weird Al Yakovic in 2018 has certainly given the band bigger exposure than they’ve had in a while. And it has earned them a whole lot of new fans.

Altogether enough of a positiv effect to warrant a kind of repeat in the form of another 80s cult hit cover – as well as another great video collaboration. Standing in for the band is ‘Stranger Things’‘ Finn Wolfhard as young Rivers Cuomo and his Calpurnia bandmates Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Malcolm Craig and Jack Anderson. Of course the super 80s video for a super 80s ‘Take On Me‘ cover would not be complete with some of the sketch effects from the original video by A-ha. The whole package is good fun. Here is hoping that Weezer isn’t done with their cover period just yet.

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