The Temperance Movement

On NeverMindTheBuzzkills, you never could (and still can’t) find any artist, band, video, etc that I didn’t/don’t like. It simply wasn’t that kind of blog. Of course negative reviews, when warranted, are perfectly valid in general. But why waste my (and your) time with that on a blog that is simply meant to celebrate and share great music? That being said, not every artist featured on NMTB could be considered quite the musical revelation as The Temperance Movement. Good, the lot of them. Great even. But The Temperance Movement has to be my favourite discovery through the blog. Before NMTB started, the band didn’t even exist. And hadn’t it been for the boys of The Greasy Slicks, I might not have known about The Temperance Movement at all. And what a shame that would have been. They might only have one album out (and one EP, although all of the tracks from Pride can also be found on the self-titled debut album), but that album was, without a shadow of a doubt, my album for all of 2013. On NMTB, it started with this rehearsal session video …

Outside the blog, The Temperance Movement almost didn’t start at all. After a few years of only moderate success as a solo artist, TTM singer Phil Campbell was about to give up on the music career. Or, as he put it in an interview with NMTB, he was prepared to earn his living from editing wedding videos. We have to thank guitarist Luke Potashnick for getting Phil out of the musical retirement before it really began. Together with Paul Sayer (guitar), Nick Fyffe (bass) and Damon Wilson (drums), that resulted in a band that – if there is any justice in the world of music – should give Phil Campbell the success he didn’t achieve during his solo years. Songwriting so sublime that it rivals the best out there. Raw blues rock and rock and roll that makes you forget about all the cheap plastic pop that pollutes the airwaves and fibre glass cables of the world. The Temperance Movement truly are the embodiment of why I have been doing this blog – to both find and share music that needs a bigger audience than it currently has. They are not the only ones, of course. But when I do think about great discoveries to come out of NMTB for me and when I think of future albums that can’t come soon enough, TTM are among my first thoughts. Listen and then tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.


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