The Greasy Slicks

NeverMindTheBuzzkills has always had an open door policy when it comes to submissions. Everyone was welcome. Well, that is, everyone could write in to have their videos featured or their EPs or albums reviewed. Then every submission was looked at … and you either ended up on the blog or not (under the current form, that’s a little different). What I was never a big fan of, however, was passive agressive we-are-a-band-and-follow-you-on-Twitter-so-that-maybe-you-check-us-out type of behaviour. Which happens a lot. And it never works. Except for this one time: Them Sneaky Bastards.

I don’t know what it was that made me check out The Greasy Slicks – who followed, unfollowed and followed again – but in this one instance I was glad that I did just that. Not only because it was through The Greasy Slicks that I learned about The Temperance Movement. No, the young British blues rock trio is simply damn good. Another act that deserves way more exposure and success than they have had so far.

Personally, I have grown so fond of the TGS sound that NeverMindTheBuzzkills even exclusively hosted the pre-release stream of their EP Into The Night. And why not? That EP contains one of my favourite Slicks songs: Wild Ones. The brilliant Late Night Sessions video is now no longer listed on YouTube, which makes the following a real treat:

While one official release with three tracks isn’t much, there is more material by Jack Kendrew (vocals & guitar), Nathan Rasdall (bass) and Rian O’Grady (drums) out there. For a brief time, you could even get a free EP, including the single Street Queen, as well as the songs Running and another Slicks favourite of mine in Lord Walsingham. You might not be able to get this EP anymore, but there is still the boys’ YouTube channel:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: bonus points for the Spider-Man tshirt. More importantly, though, you’ll be seeing much more from The Greasy Slicks in the future. Mark my words. Not that the music industry is fair in any way, shape or form, or that the good things always rise to the top. But there is so much talent in The Greasy Slicks that I am certain they will make their way. And once they hit it big, I will of course be taking full credit for it, even if NeverMindTheBuzzkills had, if anything, only very little to do with it.


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