The Graveltones

It may be a little unfair to the artists in question. It is certainly the obvious and the easy thing to do/say/write. You could even make a case that it is not painting the entire picture. But then it is also a great compliment. I am talking about describing the blues rock duo of Jimmy O and Mikey Sorbello, The Graveltones, as ‘The Black Keys from Australia (by the way of London, England)’.

Two men. One on vocals and guitar (Jimmy O for The Graveltones, Dan Auerbach for The Black Keys) one on drums (Mikey Sorbello for ‘tones, Patrick Carney for Keys). Beautifully raw, gritty, dirty blues rock. Yes, the comparison is very, very obvious. However, the most important similarity lies in the quality of the music. The Graveltones may not be as well-known and as successful yet. They certainly can’t boast a catalogue of their own records that is as extensive as that of The Black Keys. But they have everything it takes to get there. It also needs to be said at this point that the Australians only teamed up musically in early 2011, so Auerbach and Carney have ten years on them (then again, after three years together The Black Keys had already released three studio albums).

But really, in all fairness, The Graveltones are way more than a me-too product of The Black Keys. More emphasis on the rock side of blues rock. With a lot more rock and roll influence in their sound. Overall grittier, harder, heavier. If we want to use the comparison just once more, The Graveltones are the meaner little brother(s) of The Black Keys – and I mean that in the best way possible.

And, in addition to their own brand of no-nonsense blues rock and roll, The Graveltones also give you, the audience, an interesting variety of stylistic choices. From the grainy super 8 style seen above in the video for I Want Your Love, to the minimalistic yet electrifying black and white number for Catch Me On The Fly, to the unexpected, in-your-face video for Forget About The Trouble – The Graveltones definitely don’t get bogged down in one visual style.


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