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Tegan and Sara. The Quin sisters. Everyone’s favourite Canadian twin indie pop/rock duo. Well, in fairness, there aren’t that many others who fit that bill. But even if you take the ‘Canadian twin sisters’ elements away, Tegan and Sara are right up at the top in their category. Since studio album number five (The Con) they have the chart positions and with the 2011 live album/DVD release Get Along also a Grammy nomination (2013) to prove it. Not that the duo really needs that. They got me long before that, in 2004, with Walking With A Ghost from their third studio album, So Jealous.

If you were a faithful reader of the old version of NMTB, you might say that there weren’t an awful lot of Tegan and Sara posts on NeverMindTheBuzzkills. And you’d be correct. But the few that were there were so special – and among the most popular ones on the blog – that it perfectly warrants them being in this current incarnation, this best-of-NMTB. And, like the video above (aptly named ‘The One With The Glockenspiel‘ when I first posted it) every single Tegan and Sara video post on NMTB was one that contained a live video. Not a single traditional music video in sight. It wasn’t all original material either. Almost all, but not quite. The glockenspiel returned in a phenomenal cover of Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time for Billboard Magazine.

All of that started with a self-released album. On CD and tape!!! Look it up, children – those used to be things. Yes, in the days before Twitter and YouTube and Soundcloud and iTunes, when not everyone had an email address or even knew what the internet was. In other words: when releasing your own music was a lot more difficult and risky than it is today, the Quin sisters released their debut album Under Feet Like Ours as independently as independent gets. Since 2000 they have been with Vapor Records and remain with them to date, although now under the Sire/Warner roof – and you’d be hard pressed to call that independent. Truth be told, the alignment with a major is not a move all Tegan and Sara fans agree with ideologically. Of course that is not a problem unique to Tegan and Sara. You know the type of ‘fans’, who seem to want to keep their favourite artists to themselves, forgetting that five (or fifty or even five hundered) fans don’t really pay the bills. But in spite of those dissatisfied ‘indie’ fans and major label support or not, what you get from everyone’s favourite Canadian twin indie pop/rock duo is still indie pop/rock. And it’s probably going to stay that for years to come.


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