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Sure, he is a rock icon. A guitar god. Or the other way round. His time and work with Guns N’ Roses will likely overshadow anything else he will ever do as a musician. But then GNR will forever be on the rock Olymp – even if the current incarnation of the once great band is only a pale immitation. Such is the impact of GNR still that a GNR themed post was one of the top three most viewed NeverMindTheBuzzkills posts ever – the Use Your Illusion entry in the cover art series. But Guns N’ Roses is not why I am listing Saul “Slash” Hudson here in this best-of-NMTB. Well, not quite. There was this one video of Slash and Myles Kennedy doing an acoustic version of the GNR classic Sweet Child O’ Mine for SiriusXM … he wrote nonchalantly as if it wasn’t one of the best videos ever posted on this website and the type of video that would always remind him of why he loved music so much.

But, as a matter of fact, it really has been Slash’s present with Myles Kennedy (and The Conspirators) that has brought Slash to be featured several times on this website; much more than his Guns N’ Roses past. What a great fit it is, too. Slash, above mentioned legend on the guitar, and Myles Kennedy, a brilliant throwback of a rock/heavy metal voice. What a team-up.

I have appreciated Myles Kennedy’s work with Alter Bridge (a band that is so much more than Creed with Myles replacing Scott Stapp … and that is coming from someone who does not join into the popular decrying of the good old Creed songs), starting as early as 2004’s One Day Remains. And you can’t deny that the collaboration has done wonders for the ‘solo’ music (read: post-GNR and post-Velvet Revolver) of Slash. The first ‘solo’ album. The self-titled rock/heavy metal all-star extravaganza published in 2010 was good and already had Myles Kennedy on two of the 14 songs (others include Dave Grohl, Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop), but it was 2012’s Apocalyptic Love that showed how well the two function as a team.

There is, by the way, a distinct difference between the music Myles Kennedy puts out with Alter Bridge and the music he puts out with Slash and The Conspirators (those conspirators being mostly Todd “We’re Not Twin” Kerns on bass and Brent “No, Seriously, We’re Not Twins” Fitz on drums). Although, interestingly enough, in No More Heroes (from Apocalyptic Love) the Slash + Myles Kennedy + Conspirators combo has released what I like to refer to as ‘the best Alter Bridge song yet’. Of course Alter Bridge can perfectly stand on their own:

And in case you have been looking for an in-depth look into the production of a rock album, look no further than the Vimeo account specifically created for the eight part mini documentary Real To Reel (not to be confused with Real To Reel, the subtitle of the soundtrack for the 2013 documentary Sound City by Dave Grohl).
Oh, yeah, and of course when they do play old GNR songs together – like above or during their concerts – it does have a special magic. Like I said: shadow. It’ll always be there. But if that is not the good kind of shadow, then I don’t know what is.


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