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You could call it sheer luck. Or you might say that it was another case of great music finding a way. Either way, I first discovered Sick Puppies by the way of a movie trailer. Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take. The song featured in the trailer was You’re Going Down from the 2009 album Tri-Polar. I’ve never seen the movie. But I damn well have spent a considerable amount of time listening to Sick Puppies since then. To be exact, since 2010 – and by that time the Australian alternative rock trio had already released three albums, five EPs and one massively popular video. Two words: Free Hugs.

Since singer and guitarist Shimon Moore and bassists Emma Anzai had founded the group in ’97 while in high school, at the tender age of 15, you really couldn’t call them ‘newcomers’ anymore when I discovered them for myself and for NeverMindTheBuzzkills. You can use that term even less now, but at the same time I don’t think this band is as big yet as they could be. With their brand of alternative rock/metal (call it post grunge, if you will), there is plenty of room for them to grow even more internationally, although they have long outgrown the borders of their native Australia.

With two exceptions, Sick Puppies have run the gamut of NMTB posts. They made several appearances in the Sunday Randomicity (for as long as that weekly feature lasted), there were reviews (EP and album), there were lyric videos, videos with acoustic versions of their songs. There even was an entry in the Cover Art series, featuring the basement from the movie Fight Club and Emma Anzai’s bra. The two exceptions: There never was an interview with Sick Puppies and there never was a post with an official music video. Until now …

One reason why I never posted an official music video before might be that most of those are found on the Sick Puppies VEVO channel. And those are a pain to navigate. Beats me why any artist/label would partner with them. Of course the reason for the lack of official Sick Puppies videos on NMTB might also have been that the acoustic versions were just so darn cool. As a matter of fact, while Live At House of Blues Cleveland (2011) is one of my favourite live EPs (probably a draw with fellow Australian Matt Corby’s Live On the Resolution Tour EP (2013)) Polar Opposite by Sick Puppies is probably my favourite EP in general. Although that might also be a tie, in this case with the Pride EP by The Temperance Movement. Be that as it may, Polar Opposite takes seven tracks (eight in a special edition) from Tri-Polar and reimagines them as acoustic versions, delivering an absolutely fantastic expansion of the already amazing Tri-Polar experience. How about a direct comparison? After the official video above, here is the first Sick Puppies video to ever appear on NeverMindTheBuzzkills. It’s Riptide acoustic:


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