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Here is an artist for whom I happily repeat the sentiment expressed in the past for Hannah Trigwell: criminally underrated. That is not to say that Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby is completely unknown or hasn’t had a degree of success yet. But there is so much raw talent in the man that the levels simply don’t match up. At least not yet. Once we got three or four international music awards and a no.1 album or two going, then we can start talking about Matt Corby no longer being underrated. Granted, for that he would have to release an album first. So far, there have only been a few EPs. But that’s a very qualified ‘only’.

Qualified because they are damn good EPs. The 2011 4-track EP Into The Flame spawned three videos that made their way onto NeverMindTheBuzzkills and were extremely popular: a wonderful, stripped back version of the song Brother, another entry in the list of ‘live sessions on rooftops’ with Souls a’Fire and this fantastically low-key performance of Big Eyes with fellow Australian artist Bree Tranter:

And live really seems to be where it is at with Mr. Corby, as he proved on the Resolutions follow-up Live From The Resolutions Tour EP. With five tracks clearly an EP, it also is the longest, clocking in at 33:55 – some acts try to sell you that as a full length album these days; not Matt Corby, though. It still stands: We haven’t had an album from Matt Corby to date. Which may be one factor why he is not as widely known and as popular as he would deserve. Sadly, many mainstream music journalists simply don’t take EPs seriously. But I’m sure we will see (and hear) much more from Matt – more than ‘just’ appearances in the soundtrack of a show like NBC crime drama The Blacklist (the 2012 single Made Of Stone). And, of course, there is always life. Like so:


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