Finding a cool new cover of a song you know and love is one thing. Finding a new artist/band you like in the process – someone whose original music you dig, someone you want to hear more from – now that’s the real deal.

As mentioned last week, just a few short days ago I didn’t even know Larkin Poe existed. Now I’m very much loving the blue rock/roots rock courtesy of the sister act of Rebecca and Megan Lovell.

It’s a little bit like a few years back when I stumbled over the (now sadly defunct) band The Greasy Slicks. Or back when I stumbled over the (now sadly defunct) bad Kill It Kid (luckily there’s the follow-up act of Ida Mae). Fingers crossed Larkin Poe isn’t soon to be defunct as well, as I’m looking forward to a few years worth of music from the Lovell sisters.

And no, in case you were wondering, this isn’t a weird way of playing a guitar your seeing in the video above. That’s a lap steel guitar … which, in a nutshell, is a weird way of playing the guitar (also, slightly different build to a regular guitar or a modification of a regular guitar).

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