Kill It Kid

A late addition to the blog, British rock formation Kill It Kid were still a no-brainer for this best-of version of NeverMindTheBuzzkill. The reason is simple: fucking great music. Raucous blues rock and Americana, with the added bonus of having both a male vocalist, in Chris Turpin (also guitar), and a female vocalist, in Stephanie Ward (also piano); a mix not often found in rock bands, opening up a world of sound options. Like so …

With their third album, Owe You Nothing, (the first not to be released under the indie label One Little Indian Records, but under one of the Warner Music labels) they have delivered one of the records of 2014. They even prove that you can create a throwback to 90s rock ballads and yet sound perfectly contemporary. Like so …

Now, while the new label at times tries to make it look like there was no Kill It Kid before Owe You Nothing (referring to the new album as their ‘debut’, which of course it isn’t), the pervious work is nothing that should be ignored. That being said, Owe You Nothing is priming the band to take the rock fans worldwide by storm. If you haven’t heard of Kill It Kid before 2014, you’re not to blame. After 2014, however, it is going to be less and less likely – at least for fans of prime blues rock, Americana and in-your-face rock and roll. It shouldn’t surprise that they are part of the NMTB dream line-up for a rock festival (with relatively new acts): The Temperance Movement, The Graveltones, The Greasy Slicks, Rival Sons, Matt Corby, Kill It Kid. Now wouldn’t that be a kick-ass show?


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