March 1st will see (has seen – depending on when you read this) the release of ‘Wasteland, Baby!‘, the second studio album of Irish musician Hozier. His 2014 self-titled first album was and still is one of the greatest debuts I’ve ever listened to (including but not limited to the incredible ‘Take Me To Church‘), which of course makes it very, very difficult to follow up. Dare I say, not since Mumford & Sons’ ‘Sigh No More‘ has there been a debut album as difficult to follow up – at the very least in the wider folk rock/indie rock genre.

Last year, the EP ‘Nina Cried Power‘ (referencing a certain song a certain Ana has certain problems with) already gave substantial hope that Hozier will deliver a strong sophomore album, though. As does a song like Movement. And of course live performance like the one above make a very strong case, too. Looks like Hozier is here to stay.

As for the album version of ‘Nina Cried Power‘, I’m all too happy to deliver as well:

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