Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

One of the best frontwomen in music today. A modern day Janis Joplin, if you will. That is Grace Potter. Usually at her side: her trusty Nocturnals. And I’m not just saying/writing that because without a certain GPN song my debut novel would not quite be the same. But one step at a time.

On the old NeverMindTheBuzzkills, GPN were responsible for a number of video posts – going back all the way to the launch week. As a matter of fact, in the early days, I posted two different GPN cover versions of the same song: Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 psychedelic rock anthem White Rabbit. One of them was from the YouTube channel of Billboard Magazine (generally a rich source of great videos for NMTB), the other one was a black and white live version, transporting the Jefferson Airplane feel even better.

While the GPN cover over White Rabbit was part of my writing soundtrack for said debut novel, this isn’t quite yet where the true influence of GPN lies. But before I posted to the video to the song that inspired me so much, there were some other, rather sizeable GPN posts on NMTB. The combination of Record Store Day and GPN has created some great results, some of which were captured on video. And some of that ended up on here – in multi-video posts of extraordinary acoustic goodness. In between these mega posts, however, was a much smaller, yet very popular one. So popular that it kept popping up in the ‘most viewed posts of the day’ feature time and time again. I am, of course, talking about that magical acoustic rendition of Tiny Lights (off the 2010 self-titled third studio album of the band):

In 2012 followed the fourth studio album, The Lion the Beast the Beat – hitting me in the middle of editing This Way Lies Mayhem. The titular song, the lead-in of the album, was in many ways a perfect expression of the mood of the book. Listening to it over and over again during editing definitely added a lot to the feel of the book – so much so that I now say it has formed part of the very soul of the book. That is why I got a tremendous kick out of posting the official video for the song on NMTB under the old format of the blog. And I am getting the same kick out of doing it yet again. I give you: The Lion. The Beast. The Beat.

Naturally, GPN are more than just that. Five studio albums since 2004, three live albums, founder of their own music festival, Grand Point North (website), and even their own brand of chocolate. Yep, that’s right. Chocolate. Which puts them on the same level as a little band called Train. Well, except that Pat Monahan also offer you wine. But while Potter and her Nocturnals Matt Burr, Benny Yurco, Scott Tournet and Michael Libramento don’t give you wine, their own brand of folk/country rock and blues is some of the finest you can currently find out there.


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