Last week’s cover of the week on NMTB was George Ezra’s take on ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Last Sunday’s entry into the ‘Ana Sings‘ series also featured George Ezra. Kind of. So how about we complete the triple with an original song by George Ezra?

To date, the video to ‘Pretty Shining People‘ is one of the lesser viewed videos. Two million views in two weeks is nothing to scoff at. It’s not the 152 million views on the official ‘Budapest‘ video, though. Or the 172 million views on the lyric video to ‘Shotgun‘. So lets add three and a half views to ‘Pretty Shining People‘ with this post and we’ll slowly but surely will get there. Or not. After all, it’s not about the total number of views. Not as long as you enjoy what you’re listening to. So enjoy ‘Pretty Shining People‘.