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Do I even? I mean, it’s the fucking Foo Fighters. If you are into rock music and you do not know about Foo Fighters … welcome to our planet, I hope you enjoy the stay.

Seriously, how many people (who would read a blog like NMTB to begin with) between 8 and 88 don’t know who Foo Fighters are? For yours truly, they are hands down one of the favourites. And they have been responsible for some great posts here on NeverMindTheBuzzkills. There was the ‘Foo Fighters concert causes earthquake’ story, the hilarious tour rider of the band (including, but not limited to, instructions on how to make proper ice, and some pictures for colouring in) and the equally hilarious protest video against the protest of the nut cases from the Westboro Baptist Church. Oh, and of course the ‘You don’t come to my my show to fight. You come to my show and fucking dance, you asshole‘ post from the 2011 iTunes Festival in London. Dave Grohl. What a legend.

My favourite Foo Fighters themed post – doubling also as one of my favourite posts in general, maybe even the absolute favourite – came on the heels of the (also 2011) album Wasting Light. Of course Foo Fighters were a fixture in modern rock before that. But this album, which earned the band five Grammy nominations and three wins, gave Grohl, Hawkins, Smear, Shiflett and Mendel their first no.1 album in the Billboard 200 as Foo Fighters, a total of (I believe) 17 international no.1 spots, and cemented their legacy as rock gods once and for all (if that was even necessary). And it spawned an epic video. 48 minutes and 59 seconds. The entire Wasting Light album in one live session. For free. For you. For fuck’s sake.


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