Frequently (un)asked questions – we answer them before you can even ask them:

What is nevermindthebuzzkills.com?
It’s a very low-key music blog, aiming to give you cool little nuggets of wonderful music every week. It is also the official home of ‘Ana Sings‘, the webcomic to end all webcomics*.

Who selects the music posted on NMTB?
That would be author and (music) journalist Ewan McGee, a life-long lover of music, supporter of independent artists and creator of ‘Ana Sings‘ (the webcomic to end all webcomics*)

How often do you update NMTB?
Usually three times a week. There is the video of an original song on Tuesdays, a cover on Thursdays and a new panel of ‘Ana Sings‘ (you know, the webcomic to end all webcomics*). Occasionally, there will also be an unscheduled special post.

What the hell is ‘Ana Sings‘?
First and foremost, it is the webcomic to end all webcomics*. It’s also just a silly little joke gone too far – or a silly delivery method for silly misheard lyrics, if you will.

Is Ana a real person?
What kind of a question is that? Of course Ana is real. And these are definitely real photos of Ana performing cover songs and not the same black and white sketch used over and over again. It’s just that Ana is really, really pale, likes to dress in white and has a white guitar.

* not a webcomic