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When I first wrote about him on here, Ed Sheeran wasn’t an insider tip anymore. If anything, I was a little late to the party. His phenomenal first album + (Plus; 2011) had already been out for a while and a no.1 in the UK (that’s what I get for very rarely looking at the charts). In fact, the very first time I heard an Ed Sheeran song (The A Team) was on a live stream by Hannah Trigwell. And even then it took me a while to post any of his material. There had been posts with cover version of his material, but it took some time until the first original Ed Sheeran post surfaced on NMTB. When those started, it was rarely just one video at a time. Instead, there were a number of multi-video posts from various acoustic sessions. And for this post, I’ll make an exception and repost all the videos from one of those previous posts, because this particular session is just too charming to limit it to one video:

Of course Ed Sheeran has since gone from strength to strength. He has garnered three Grammy nominations, four nominations and two wins at the Brits, among many other honours, is generally hobnobbing with some superstars of the international pop scene, has had his first international no.1 single with Sing and has released his second (really good, more successful in terms of charts positioning (not yet in sales), but in my opinion not quite as good as the first) album x (Multiply; 2014). And that is maybe the most surprising thing here: It really was only his second album. Although + was only released in September of 2011, it has had such an impact that it feels like Ed Sheeran has been around for much longer. But then we will probably look back in 30 years – when he releases yet another chart topping album (holo 3D, of course) – and say: Ed Sheeran? Hasn’t he been around for over half a century? Almost as many number ones as The Beatles, that guy. Don’t believe me? We’ll talk in 2044 then.


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