Counting Crows

Ahh, well, Counting Crows. Or as I like to refer to them: Google Maps – The Band (seriously: Omaha, Sullivan Street, Raining In Baltimore, Speedway, Goodnight L.A., Miami, Holiday In Spain, Los Angeles, Washington Square, On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago; and that’s not even counting the songs from the seventh studio album, Somewhere Under Wonderland, on which every single track contains a reference to a palce in the name or the lyrics).

To me, Counting Crows have always been a band that simply was ‘there’. In more than one way. Active since 1990, they have always been consistent in their sound and always consistently good. They are one of those band I wouldn’t think about for weeks or sometimes even months, but everytime I get back to them or everytime they put out something new it instantly feels good and right, familiar in the best way possible. And that is not just due to the very distinctive sound of frontman Adam Duritz. It’s just always Counting Crows. Counting Crows don’t sound like anyone else. No one else sounds like Counting Crows. And the way their music sounds is exactly how it should be.

Considering all that, it is a little surprising that there haven’t been that many Counting Crows related posts on NeverMindTheBuzzkills over the years. A few reviews. One entry in the Cover Art series. Only two video posts. And one of those was a cover of a Counting Crows song by another artist (an extremely beautiful version of Colorblind by Hannah Trigwell). You’d think that isn’t quite enough to qualify them for a spot in this best-of NMTB. After all, there are quite a few bands that didn’t make the cut, despite having multiple posts over the years. But you’d be wrong. Because it’s not all about how many videos I posted of an artist or a band. It’s how good those posts were. And not only did that one original Counting Crows video I posted in the old version of NMTB contain two songs – well, kind of – but it presented them in such a fantastic way that this post was always more to me than just another video posts. Among the many great Counting Crows songs, this mashup of Rain King and Washington Square for SiriusXM has become one of my absolute favourites. And that, my friends, is what qualifies a band for a best-of.


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