ANA SINGS no. 002 & 003

Umbrella Academy‘ appreciation week concludes with a double shot of ‘Ana Sings‘. It appears Ana has a few difficulties with a certain Nina Simone classic – as featured on ‘Extra Ordinary‘, the third episode of season 1 of the superhero show ‘Umbrella Academy‘ (as well as a number of other tv shows and in several movies of course). If you believe Ana, the song is about a stripper named Cinnamon. And who are we to say that it isn’t? Also, who is to say that the river (and the sea) wasn’t, in fact, ballin’?

Ana also may or may not be under the impression the song is about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (the lyrics DO say ‘But The Rock cried out: I can’t hide you‘ and ‘I said: Rock? What’s the matter with you, Rock‘) and that – during the call and response part – they’re singing ‘power chord‘. Clocking in at 10 minutes 20 seconds with her classic version of this spiritual, the late great Nina Simone did leave a lot of time for misconceptions. At least for Ana.