ANA SINGS no. 001

Ana sings Creedence Clearwater Revival (or Joan Jett) … kind of.

This is the one that started the whole idea of the ‘Ana sings’ a few months ago. So of course it is the official no.001 of the series – after last week’s unofficial first entry.

I doubt Creedence Clearwater Revival was thinking about ITV’s ‘Lorraine‘ with Lorraine Kelly (or about any other Lorraine, for that matter) when they recorded the song for their album ‘Pendulum‘ back in 1970. I very much doubt Joan Jett was doing it either when she covered the song for her album ‘The Hit List‘ (1990). But Joan Jett’s version of the CCR classic is where this case of misheard lyrics stems from … and once Ana has lyrics stuck in her head one way, you simply can’t get her to sing it any other way.

That just leaves one queston: Have you ever seen Lorraine?