Addie Hamilton

One of the last posts before NeverMindTheBuzzkills went on hiatus and then changed into its current version … an artist with only one post on NMTB, albeit it one with two videos in it … an artists who, at the time of writing, only has two videos out there … and neither and album nor an EP. And yet, a best-of NMTB wouldn’t be the same without Addie Hamilton – one of the biggest, raw vocal talents ever to be featured on this blog. A talent so fantastic that it can make you (well, definitely me) like music I previously didn’t like. It’s been done before – like Hannah Trigwell making me enjoy a Lady Gaga song by delivering a wonderful acoustic rendition of Born This Way, for instance – but making me not just listen to but actually love Blurred Lines (aka The Rape Song) by the very unlikeable Robin Thicke borders on magic.

While this already sounds a lot less like your garden variety chart pop and more vintage and jazzy, don’t expect to hear too many pop covers by young Addie Hamilton. What you can expect is more along the lines of the second video on her channel. Sadly – and for some strange reason – the audio has been muted on YouTube. Luckily, you can find the audio on Soundcloud. So if you sync it up right, you’ll get the full effect of a little song called Fever, performed in such a vivacious way that you can almost feel the singer’s love for and dedication to the musical style.

Only 17 when she recorded these two covers in 2013, Addie Hamilton is still at the very beginning of her musical career. The exact shape of her musical future is yet to be formed. Expect it to be magical, though. And ‘vintage’.


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